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2 Basic Brow Patterns

Today’s blog is going to be a little bit different than my usual post’s. I’m going to share with you my 2 basic brow patterns on practice skin that I like to refer back to creating the perfect stroke pattern for any client.

This first pattern is a basic brow pattern that you can use on almost any client. This pattern creates a nice soft and sleek natural brow look. It is a great pattern to use as a beginner because it is simple and relatively easy, without adding too many variables. If you are a new artist starting out, or find yourself struggling with patterns, this pattern is a great start!

This is my fluffy brow pattern. It is kept very simple for a fluffy brow and as you can see shown in the pic that I have given you my 3 passes to complete this brow. Fluffy brows are meant to be fun and full and this pattern gives you just that. Just make sure that your client’s natural brow pattern goes in this direction so that the strokes flow and blend with their natural hair.

This is a great pattern for beginners and gives you a great base to work off of in creating your own fluffy brows.

I hope these 2 patterns were helpful for you in creating your clients dream brows!

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