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Practice makes Progress

I remember when I first started out I didn’t think much of practicing. I was so anxious to get going and work on real skin that I put real skin as my #1 priority and practicing lower on the list. Looking back on my career I cannot believe I felt that way and did not practice more! I only practiced maybe once or twice a week that first year, maybe even less.

After about a year of working and trying to build my business I realized that thigs were not improving much for me. My skill level hadn’t really changed, my technique and products were all about the same as when I first started, and I had very little knowledge in the permanent makeup field. I specifically remember one day reaching out to my original trainer and asked her about taking another course from a different artist and she told me that there really wasn’t a point to taking another course. At that point I realized that I didn’t agree with her opinion and was now going to search elsewhere to improve my skills.

I saved up my money and booked an in-person training with another artist. Best decision I ever made. I realized through that training that there was still so much that I didn’t know and that I needed to know! I started practicing nearly almost every day for months! I would do anywhere from 1 set of brows on practice skin to a whole sheet of brows. I got to the point where the patterns I practiced were muscle memory and I could pretty much map out those strokes with my eyes closed. 

As soon as I put my time and energy into practicing and improving my craft DAILY, my work on my clients improved drastically as well. And not only did my work improve but my clientele increased too! It was a slow and steady increase, but people were able to see my improvement and liked what they saw. And isn’t it such a great feeling knowing that people can see your work and watch your progress and love your progress too?

So I’m going to be a little vulnerable with you guys and share some of my progress pics of my practice skins. YOU GUYS!!! I was not a natural at doing brows. I have had to work my tail off to get where I’m at today because I know I am not naturally artistic. But that’s okay. It doesn’t matter. You can be the most artistic person in the world, but you will always need to practice. And to this day I still practice! I have a practice pad next to my bed at all times. I’ll pull it out when I’m watching TV or when I have some down time (which is rare because #momlife). But I just want to remind you that no matter how good you think you are at something, there is always room for improvement.

Now let’s get to work!

Beginning work:

After I took my second in-person course and started to improve my skills:

Slowly Improving:

Some of my most recent brows:

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