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10 Tips for Building Your Business

Starting a business from the ground up is quite a daunting task. Today I want to help you by giving you 10 tips of things you can do to help build your clientele.

1. Start a “creator” Instagram account. One of the most simple ways to share your portfolio is by having an IG account that helps you document your work and your progress. Make sure that you separate your personal account from your business account to keep things a little more professional. I’m not saying to not ever post personal stuff on your business account, I’m just saying to keep things separate so it’s easier for you and your target clientele to scroll and see your work.

2. Start a business FB account. This way you’re accessing clients on both IG and FB. Not everyone uses both. By having a FB business page you can add your business info, contact info, and have your IG account directly linked to your FB business page. This is also essential for if you ever decide to run FB ads.

3. Start by offering  your services to local businesses, targeting mainly beauty professionals. Go to salon’s, beauty schools, reach out to your hair dresser, makeup artist’s and offer your services to them for a discount in exchange for referrals.

4. Leave your business cards everywhere! Hand them out to everyone you meet. Write a special discount on those cards. Give them $100, $50, $25 off!

5. Talk about your business to everyone. Now don’t get annoying, don’t just flaunt your business to everyone, but if the opportunity comes up, talk to people about what you do. This is one of the best ways to get word out is simply by word of mouth.

6. Offer discounts for referrals. If someone refers someone else to you give them each a discount. It’s simply a “Thank You” for supporting your business.

7. Google Reviews!!! These are HUGE for helping you grow your business. Ask your clients to leave you a google review. They are simple and take just a couple of minutes. These will also increase your exposure, SEO, and move you to the top of the search engine. 

8. And lastly, create a website. Having a website makes you seem more “official”. There are so many website platforms you can utilize for super cheap or even free! Having a website will make it easier for people to “search” you on google and is an excellent tool to use to provide potential clients with the education they need to know what services you provide and what service(s) to book.

9. Take pictures of your work. Before and after’s are essential for both you and your clients! There’s nothing that show’s your talent better than pictures. You may not post every picture you take but they are a great way to document your progress and watch your growth! 

10. Lastly, be consistent! Show up every day! Whether it’s on social media, answering emails, texts, actually working on clients, practicing on fake skin (this one is huge). The more you practice the better you’ll become! And nothing shows your clients that you are more determined to get things going than showing them that you are willing to work for it.

I hope these tips are helpful for you to get your business up and running!

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