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Color Corrections vs. Removal

At this point in my career about 80% of clients I see are cases where I either need to do a color correction or remove pigment from the skin to then be able to correct the brows.

Often times as pigment fades overtime, it can fade to a cool grey, blue, purple, red or orange tone. Factors that can cause unwanted colors when pigment fades are:

  1. Incorrect pigment choice by artist
  2. Poor pigment quality
  3. Incorrect depth when pigment was implanted into the skin
  4. Too much sun exposure or tanning beds
  5. Medications
  6. Hormonal changes

I know that some of these factors are out of our control whether we are the artist or the client. But it is best to educate ourselves on all of these factors to give the best results possible.

What are the signs that someone’s “old permanent makeup” needs to be color corrected? If pigment has faded at least 50% from the time the pigment had originally been implanted in the skin, and the shape of the brows is appealing and fits the clients face shape and structure, then a color correction can be done to brighten up the pigment and correct unwanted colors on the brows.

Color correction on old faded grey brows:

What are the signs that someone may need removal or lightening of the pigment? If the current brow shape is not desired or doesn’t fit the clients face shape and natural brow structure, or skin is too saturated with pigment or the previous pigment implanted went too deep and hasn’t faded well.

As an educator in Saline Tattoo Removal I strongly encourage my students to remember that removal is not always the answer and, when possible, to do a color correction vs. removal. Why? Because it is a lot harder to remove pigment than to implant pigment. However, there are several instances where a color correction simply cannot be done to give the best results. In those instances, removal is strongly encouraged.

Although it is called Saline Tattoo Removal, it isn’t always done to fully remove pigment. Like I stated earlier, it can be called “lightening” as well. More often then not, I will lighten a clients brows to the point where I can do a color correction and still achieve excellent results. These pics are of a client’s removal process. We did 2 removal sessions before I felt confident enough to do a shape and color correction on her brows. And here are her results:

Before/After 2 Saline Tattoo removal sessions:

After 2 sessions of removal/After coverup:

Even though removal is a process, it is so worth it in the end! (That smile says it all!)

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