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The difference between Microblading and Nano/Machine hair strokes

As I’ve slowly started transitioning from Microblading to Nano strokes I have gotten a lot of questions on the difference between the two.

Microblading is created with a blade made up of a bunch of very fine and tiny needles. The technique is done by dipping the end of the needles/blade into the pigment color of choice and then cutting hair like strokes into the skin to mimic real hair. This technique can create a hair like look and heal very crisp and almost undetectable in certain skin types. However, microblading is not suitable for all skin types and typically works best on dry or combination skin with minimal to no visible pores in the brow area.

Nano or Machine hair strokes is done with a very fine single needle and permanent makeup tattoo machine. It is a very complex technique that takes a very long time to master and perfect. This technique implants pigment into the skin with a fine needle creating thousands of little dots into the skin while the technician guides the needle in a smooth movement to create hair like strokes. This technique heals crisp and very beautifully on all skin types. It is ideal to use to create hair strokes on those with oily, thick or very porous skin. It ages a lot more crisp over time as well.

I will continue to discuss and educate on the differences between these two techniques as Nano strokes are becoming more popular but not nearly as popular as microblading due to the complexity of procedure.


Nano Strokes

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