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Perfecting Touch Ups

Perfecting touch ups, when should I book my clients?

Your perfecting touch up appointments can be scheduled anywhere between 6-10 weeks after the initial appointment. I recommend scheduling perfecting touch ups at the initial appointment. This ensures that your client will return to perfect their brows.

As artist’s we know how important the touch up appointment is, it is equally as vital for you to let your clients know the importance as well.

Questions I get asked frequently are:

Can I do a touch up earlier, at 4 weeks instead of 6 weeks?

It is not recommended for you to touch up brows earlier than 6 weeks because the skin is still healing. If you do a touch up earlier than 6 weeks you are risking unnecessary skin damage and the process will be a lot more painful.

If the client has one little spot they want fixed can I get them in a few days later or earlier than 6 weeks to fix it?

No, they must wait until the perfecting touch up or until the skin has healed for at least 6 weeks. The reason is because again, the skin is healing. You have to give the skin plenty of time to heal to avoid causing unnecessary damage to the skin. The other reason being, you don’t know how the brows will heal and often times they may look uneven in color as they are healing.

If the client feels that their brows are “good enough” do they need to return for the touch up?

I strongly recommend each client to return for the touch up appointments to solidify the brow shape and color. It is up to you as an artist to decide if the client should return or not. But for best healed results and long lasting brows, it is highly recommended for the clients to return after 6-10 weeks to perfect the brows. I always like to point out to them that permanent makeup is a 2 step process and you want them to make sure they are getting their money’s worth and completely happy with the end results.

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