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What are my clients actually paying for?

We all know that a “tray fee” is relatively inexpensive compared to the total cost of the service we are providing. So why charge what we charge? Why are some artist’s priced more than other’s? What makes some artist’s charge $350 for a set of new brows and others $1,500??? Here are the top 3 reasons why another artist may be charging more than you.

1. Experience.

2. Products.

3. Investments (i.e. continued education)

Let’s me elaborate more on each of these.

Experience can be based on the number of years an artist has been working and/or the number of clients they have worked on. It may also be the amount of time they have put into perfecting their skills or certain technique that they specialize in. Often times we (artist’s) get to a point where we start to lean one way or another and then decide to specialize in a certain area. For me, that area is primarily in removal and color corrections. At this point in my career I am also working on specializing in machine work. There are lots of different areas you can specialize in and this is definitely a point that allows you to increase your pricing and start charging more.

Products vary from artist to artist. Not every artist has to use 100% the same products as the artist next door. However, I cannot stress the importance of investing in good products! This includes everything from blades to pigments as well as aftercare products. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on everything, but if you can do your research and invest in products that give you the results you are looking for, then that is what is going to allow you to charge more. Your clients want those pretty results and crisp retention, so spend a little bit more on the products that will help provide that.

Lastly, investments/continued education. I cannot express the importance of this! Let me give you an analogy… Let’s say you are wanting to get your hair done for the very first time. Are you going to go to an amateur and risk damaging your virgin hair, or someone who has a lot of experience and you know is well educated in color and color theory? You’re obviously going to choose someone who is more educated! Education is key! I personally did not do any further education after my initial training for a year after I first got trained. Why??? I had no idea that I needed to. In my initial training I walked away thinking that I had everything I needed to get to work, but I was absolutely wrong!!! I realized that my work wasn’t improving and I needed to improve somehow. So I finally invested in another hands on, one-on-one training and it totally changed the game for me! Long story short, I now have over 20 certificates related to microblading, machine work, lip blush and removal. I am constantly learning and growing in my business whether it’s my actual permanent makeup skills or my business skills. And this is something that will absolutely allow you to charge more. The more you know, the more you can give your clients, and clients love when you can present them with all the options that will work best for them and their end goal.

I can’t wait to see you artist’s get to work and start making the money you deserve to be making!

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